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It's not unusual that Indians are saree fanatics, because this 4-9 yard piece of cloth is the bearer of many things for many men and women - a statement in design, a comfortable daily attire, a thoughtful gift, the beginning of adulthood, to name a few. It is so widely celebrated that there is a saree for every occasion and for every woman! Wildly trendy, it has transformed through the ages and has been relevant since 2800 BC.

Look for the one that stands out to you

Landing on the saree that meets your expectations and taste can be a journey, quite literally sometimes. There's no predicting which saree will speak to you. It may be traditional colors and grand borders, comfort but vivid colours the next time. There's a multitude of options and the only way to know it all, is to explore them all. The easiest place to start is to have a look at some of the predominant options available in the market.

The silk sarees

Traditionally, any kind of silk saree appeals to the larger masses as grande. Depending on the institute, the sarees are diversified, making it the perfect wedding saree category - be it for the bride or the audience. Here, the choices are really limitless, for the designs range from all ages.

Kanchipuram silk is deemed one of the finest and most sought-after silk sarees for brides and the other show stoppers.

Soft silk - soft on the skin, soft on the colour, is a perfect addition to the wardrobe for the woman who wants to strike a balance between chic and tradition. If you're looking for a perfect workday saree that can be sported in front of an audience, look no further than the raw silk collection - easy to drape, it cannot disappoint in making an entrance.

The perfect gift that literally soothes a woman, who's familiar wearing a saree day in and day out, would be the Bangalore silk if she likes solid colours with a large border or the PenKalamkari for a more epic kalamkari essence. The silk cotton is a versatile choice because of its moderately stiff and large variety of bright colours with an impressive pallu. A more monochromatic section of the silk cotton is the Maheshwari silk cotton, while the grander and iconic set would be the Madisar- the typical solid colour with the gold zari.

The daily wear sarees

Cotton being one of the most comfortable fabrics around is the ideal type of saree to wear during summers and passes for an effective type of saree for daily wear. Given its constant use and success, there are a plethora of options that are available for you to choose from in terms of design. The intricate designs that were previously reserved for the other type of fabrics have now found their way into the cotton saree world. The Sangudi cotton is a great choice for a checked body and a large contrast border.

The Ikkat cotton weaves being unique by themselves for their dyeing technique, are the sundress equivalent while the Dabu cotton sarees are block prints that run through the whole saree. They're an interesting choice and it appeals to the lady who wants a constant pattern through the solid coloured saree, made by a contrast white colour.

The Shibori sarees are made from a Japanese dyeing technique. If you'd like the Dabu arrangement with a more abstract design then Shibori sarees are the way to go. The Ajarkh sarees are similar in that they consist of a minimal number of colors on a solid colored saree, and differs by the arrangement of intricate designs.

Bandhini sarees are usually diamond patterns arranged in a misshaped fashion,  to bring about uniformity in the calamity of the design. They can be single-tone sarees or a contrast combination that makes them richer. Semi silk sarees are woven when a typical silk saree arrangement is forged with cotton fabric, making it truly the best of both worlds.

Elegant contrasting and monochromatic pastel colors make up the Semi Tussar collection with a minimal silver or gold border. Deep colors, popping colors, contrasting body and borders - just about anything is suitable for the banarasi border in this Semi Banarasi collection.

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